Made in Sweden Update

I've gotten a few requests to do episode 2 translated but I want to remind everyone of Carro's youtube page. She does translations on the video and I think she did a great job with the first episode. I'm not sure if I'd have time to do anything as extensive as the first episode because I just started school so I'd really like to encourage people to go to Carro's page first.

Made in Sweden- Episode 1

Hey guys! So, to give us the chance to enjoy Made in Sweden I decided to translate the first episode. Of course, it's not perfect but I hope this helps. There is a video version coming on youtube soon from someone, so check back on Play-Mania for the link. Enjoy!

Made in Sweden Episode 1

Anders- In last year’s Made in Sweden, we had Kim and Janet

Janet- This feels so fucking superstar.

Kim- What a vibe this is!

Laila- It went well for them. Janet and Kim were number one and number two in the singles chart. -The idea this year is to reunite Play. -They sold one million records and had huge success in the U.S.A.

Anders- Together they had “it”

Laila- Six years ago Play split. There were four pieces. Now, Fanny and Anais have reunited.

Andreas- Now it’s really time that they come back.

Laila- They had it but lost it. Let’s give it back.

Anders- You should not shit on the neighbor’s yard...

Andreas- There are just two. A third member is needed. We need to find it so we are pouring in [jumping in to search].

Laila- At 4 weeks we’ll have a whole album.

Andreas- They need to get in shape and work really hard with his [Anders’, presumably] song. We need to find songs that work. They must be very dedicated.

Anaïs- I did not want to wake up at 30 years old and wonder why I didn’t take this chance.
[To Faye]: Now it really happens!

Faye- I still dream of becoming a superstar.

[Theme Song]

Laila- The coming weeks will be chaos. We must find a single and make the album but the single is the most important. Then we must find the third member. I’m really stressed out. [Phone rings] Now someone’s calling-- Laila. Hey, how are you? Oh, God... Okay. I feel like shit being stressed out, Anders. If you have the flu you cannot go into the studio. The girls are not vaccinated. What a headache I’ve got. I know you’re sick but we will make a plan for 4 weeks. Are you still there? With Anders, when he has a cold, it will be almost as if he is dying. I was married to the man and know how he works.
Anders- I’ve been sick for three weeks and didn’t make any music. I feel like I am missing something. Now I’ve been down to the bottom. Now it’ll be great fun to work with Play.

Laila- I put together Play when the girls were 12 years old. They were signed to Sony USA. Tommy Mottola and David Massey signed them. They sold one million records and had huge success in the USA. I had a good contact in Tommy because I worked with Jennifer Lopez and 98 Degrees. He almost wished that I would work with all of his artists.  “Anders, what’s sounding in the background?” He called me and asked what that sound was in the background. I said, “It’s Laila’s new group Play.” He said, “I wanna hear these girls. Give the phone to Laila.” Then the girls came and they sang on the telephone. He said that they were fantastic and to fly them over here. In the end they got a record deal.

Laila- They sold one million records and opened for Destiny’s Child. They were successful in the USA. Play consisted of 4 members. Now Anais and Fanny are reuniting. Rosanna dropped out at the last minute and Anna lives in the USA. Anais and Fanny thought that she would have to focus on her career there.

Fanny- We don’t earn a them lot of money, some served it well. We were so young and didn’t know how the industry worked. They could not have known before we made it. We went to New York for the first time for any of us. We were taken in the worst limousine and also got the worst hotel suite in the world. Not flashy whatsoever.

Anaïs- We didn’t know what to expect, but the single became a hit. “Us Against the World” was played everywhere on the radio. The video was played on both Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. When we signed discs in shopping malls 6,000 people were waiting for us. It was really an amazing feeling but it took awhile before we understood why people cared.

Fanny- Matthew Knowles became our co-manager after one year. He’s Beyonce’s dad.

Anaïs- We worked a lot with Destiny’s Child. They became our role models. We trained and toured with them for several months. To work so close to them gave us so much.

Fanny- It was not only their fans but also our fans who came and watched us. It was probably a bit of a mix.

Cute kids- “We love Play!”
Anaïs [to the cute kids]- “And we love you!”

Fanny- It is sick to see the pictures. It was so long ago.

Anaïs- We got to be a part of a huge thing. We performed for up to 24,000 people with Destiny’s Child. It is one of the best things I have ever experienced, to get to stand on stage in front of so many people who are there to watch us. It is the world’s most powerful feeling. Completely indescribable.

Fanny- When we toured, we went everywhere. I think we planned it so that it began on the east coast and so we drove around the country before they came back. I have been in every state in the USA.

Anaïs- The success of the group affected me tremendously. At a special event, I realized it was getting too tough. That was when we were on the Destiny’s Child world tour. Then we really longed for home. Then we would be in the Globe. [The Ericsson Globe is an arena in Sweden]. To land at the airport was sacred. Then we knew we had finally arrived home after four months. The first thing we did was go to the Globe for sound check. It was breaking, not being able to go home. I lived an hour from the airport and couldn’t go home.

Fanny- I was tired of always being away and not being an ordinary girl. I just wanted to be normal and be left in peace. And to be by myself and relax.

Anaïs- Fanny felt it first. The atmosphere in the group was not good. We didn’t want to meet more. We had had enough of each other. We wanted to go home, and that did not help the chemistry of the group. Laila had 4 teenagers who opposed everything. Everyone knew it was over. It was dried up. We have lived in the same city a passed safely on each other a thousand times but we have not talked in five years.

[Commercial break]

Fanny- Of course I have changed my mind. A thousand times. For awhile I could not go to concerts because I became depressed. I felt the urge. I too wanted to be up there. Now I have finally listened to my inner voice and changed my mind.

Anaïs- It was great that I relaxed then. I really needed it. Now I am studying fashion at a university. There has been a craving in me because I have not been doing it. I called Fanny who was shocked at the time. We met, and from the first second it felt like everything was back to normal.

Fanny- I still dream of becoming a superstar. At a higher level than we were before. I hope we will be there in five years. I have a feeling that it could be so.

Laila. This has been cruel for Fanny and Anaïs. They have been away for awhile but they are really good singer. It is only eight years back. It’s like athletes who haven’t played in six years. Then you can be a bit rusty. Without a doubt, they will come back and be really good. [Upon entering her house] Damn, I tried to reach you. I called your American number...

Andreas- Where are the girls?

Laila- I refuse to bring them if Anders is sick. You’re vaccinated, they aren’t.

Anders [on walkie-talkie]- I’ve shut myself in the cabin in some sort of quarantine down here where I live. Are you all alone?

Andreas- We are at your office and miss you. We look out over the beautiful bay and see your boathouse. How can you choose the little house? Over [Walkie-talkie for back to you, or speak now]

Anders- I was not going to infect you with the pig flu I had. Over. [Inside the boathouse] Andreas and I have been together quite awhile as a songwriter/producer. It has been about 20 years.

Andreas- There are three artists and three French chefs who prepare a wonderful drink. It tastes very good but it looks like hell in the kitchen when they are preparing it.

Laila- We would work together, but there was more to Anders and Andreas when it came to music, and I get all the other monkeys on their shoulders. I have realized that they can manage the music and I’ll take care of everything else.

Anders- If I could not do music I would die slowly inside.

Laila- How often does big Anders sit there and eat a sandwich?

Anders [on walkie-talkie]- Where are you going?

Andreas- What was that weird thing? [looks down at the ground]

Laila- Dog poop.

Andreas- We are on the edge.

Laila [to the walkie talkie]- You have missed a dog poop, Anders.

Anders [walkie talkie]- I will stand in the window and wave.

Andreas [to the walkie talkie]- Are you wearing a hat?

Laila- He is serious. [to Anders] Are you serious? Do you live here in the boathouse?

Andreas- I think we can. Good to see you.

Laila- How do we solve this?

Andreas- We’ll go back to my place and have a meeting with the girls. We have plenty to do. I may have a song ready.
Laila- Have you started to knock out some songs?

Anders- I have a lot of songs.

Andreas- We have to grab the bull by the horns and get you cured.

Laila- Do you need help writing songs?

Anders- I can do it myself. I don’t need help. Over.

Andreas- That little deadly look comes out. What is the rush? Over.

Anders [to his dog]- Go and take out the thugs, Ester.

Andreas- I love you man.

Anders- Bro.

[Commercial Preview]
Laila [to Anaïs]- You need a vocal coach.

Fanny- She does?

Laila- She has hair in her armpits.

Anaïs- She must have gone through a lot of what we have gone through. It is hard to find.

[Commercial break]

Laila- The idea this year is to reunite Play. They sold one million records and had success in the USA. They had lost it. Let’s give it back.

Fanny- I still dream of becoming a superstar.

Anders- Look at the birds, Saga. There. [To camera] I have happened to get the flu. [To dogs] Shall we count birds? There are a bunch out there. [Back to camera] I chose to isolate myself in the cabin so as to not infect everyone in the studio upstairs. There is no time to. You have to invent something in order to survive the isolation. The birds have suddenly started to interest me. I’ve gone from birds to my child Koljärpe. Just kidding. There is no son named Koljärpe. Now I’ll check out what there is for the birds. I was so keen on working with the girls again, and then came this cold. I hope it gets better soon. You cannot make music when you’re so down. I have no energy but I’ve made it through before. I’ll have to start looking at them.

Andreas- These songs we took out earlier, “Off Key” and “Girls”...
Laila- Take “Girls.” I remember it.

Andreas- Nice tempo that suits the girls. Cheeky and fun.

Laila- The girls have gone through hell to get a taste of success. Now is the time to do it again. I hope they manage to do it and are ready for it. It will indeed be tough.

Andreas [to Fanny]- Hey, is everything okay? Make yourselves at home.

Laila- In 4 weeks, we will make a full album, find the right sound and get you in shape. It has been six years since you were on the scene. We need to look where you are at in terms of your singing.

Andreas- I am quite ignorant of what you have done since leaving aside from what Laila has told me. What have you done since you quit?

Fanny- When I left it was very intense. A lot of trouble and fuss. I’ve always associated music with it.

Anais- Something negative.

Andreas- Have you been running your voice?

Anaïs- I have not sung anything. Only in the shower.

Laila- They have not done anything since they were 16, six years ago.

Fanny- I have sung at baptisms and stuff.

Andreas- We will therefore begin in the basement.

Laila- No, further down.

Andreas- I had exactly the same experience as the girls when I was an artist and it went bad. I stopped singing for 10 years. Sometime we have to come back and now it’s their time. [To girls] Do you see any patterns that could work again?

Anaïs- What we want to do differently now is to work together and decide what is best for us and what we want. I don’t want to be 30 years old and wonder why I didn’t take a chance.

Andreas- It is important that self-irony appears to also have fun. Then the audience will find it fun. As Lill Lindfors said: “Music is to be made out of joy.” The joy, the use of their new songs. They should have fun or the songs won’t be. [To girls] What song should we listen to? “Girl Crush”?

Anaïs- It’s good. It feels great. Better than expected. When Andreas played the songs it felt quite right. I had no idea how it would feel. I feel it will go well.

Andreas- I like that line

Anaïs- The world’s most cocky comment!

Laila- It’s incredibly fun to see play here again, tagged and uploaded.

Fanny- This is so damn good

Anaïs- The song is just so sick!

Fanny- Everything felt just like we wanted it to. It feels really good to get started again. Finally I’ve found joy in music again. It is quite amazing to get this chance again.

Anaïs- Andreas’ songs are absolutely right!

Fanny- Now we are in the middle of the road.

Anaïs- We will have different opinions. Laila is so sure she can handle everything but now Fanny and I are adults that have a lot to say. Cooperation will be great. The only bad thing is that we do not know who the third member will be.

Laila- Beware of dog poop, mud, construction dust...

Andreas- The girls have not been in the studio for six or seven years. Let’s see if the new song “Trash” works with the girls. It will be exciting. [To the girls] We don’t have anything.

Laila- What I want to sell you probably have.

Andreas- How does it feel? Have you started hawking? Shall we listen to some music?

Anaïs & Fanny - Happy to.

Andreas- Are we going to do a voice test and see how it works?

Anaïs- Shall we listen through the whole song first?

Andreas- We’ll take it from the beginning.

Laila- The girls were super talented when they were 12-13. How they sounded today, though, I don’t know. I promised Anders and Andreas that they are good. I hope the girls don’t disappoint us.

Andreas- Would you like to sing in the room?

Fanny- You first

Andreas- How does it feel?

Anaïs- A bit unusual, like a rookie. It feels like forever.

Laila- Anaïs? Try opening up a bit. Don’t sing so much up in your nose. Sing out and use the attitude you have in your voice.

Anaïs- Am I too nasally?

Andreas- Let’s try again.

Anaïs- I’m a bit hoarse.

Andreas- It’s sexy. [After Anaïs sings] We are ready.

Anaïs- Are you ready?

Laila- Good job, Anaïs, but you need a vocal coach. You haven’t sung in six years. It’s like going down into the splits when not done in six years. Sometimes it shines, and sometimes it will not be good. It is possible to fix, but you have to train hard. [As Fanny starts to sing] Fanny is the opposite. You have the acting, but with the singing terms, you are not there yet. Fanny gets all the notes in a cinch, but she has to get it to sound interesting and not just pretty.

Fanny- I am nervous to be back after so many years but it doesn’t feel that it was that long ago we were singing here. The hardest part is finding the attitude and acting in a voice. For me, it's easy to make it sound "nice" but this track needs more attitude. It's difficult.

Andreas- Very good.

Fanny- Very funny song.

Andreas- Your voice sits. You just need a little more emotion.

Laila [to Fanny]- She needs what you have, and you do what she does.

Fanny- I have to let loose a bit, dare to cross the line.

Anders- My relationship with Play was very small. It was Laila's baby. It went so quickly before they suddenly were in the USA. They disappeared as a salary along with my wife.

[Flashback to PATW DVD]
Laila- Grab onto the Angel

Fanny- Ah! you're good!

Anders- Sometimes I regret that we have made all these great songs at the expense of Laila and I in scarcely two years.

Laila- I was very happy when the girls called and asked if we could put together the group again. It's my little baby in some way, so it's clear that I was happy. At the same time, I was afraid. I wanted the girls to be serious if I was going to spend time on Play and bring in Anders and Andreas. One cannot jump off at the slightest adversity. [To person in the cafe] I was thinking of stealing coffee from you! [Back to camera] I wanted them to think carefully because we're in this together. [Back to person in cafe] Shall we have sandwiches? I would like to butter up the girls today. There's delicious coffee, pastries and stuff. Then we will look at the new members. It is important that they are in a good mood today. You have to give them a bit of pep too. It must be rough for the artists but they should be happy. [Talking to a customer] What will it be, love? 

Customer- A Latte

Laila- A latte? Let's see if we can fix that for you. [On the phone] Hey, this is Laila Bagge. We're looking for girl for a girl group. Are you interested? [Back to camera] What fun! In addition to Play, there is an awful lot right now. I'll draw a house, find someone who will build it and move out of my apartment. Liam is changing schools, Anders is sick. It's chaos. And I'm getting married too. Six years ago Play disbanded. I don't think they realized back them how much time was spent. Of their own time and privacy. How much was invested. [To the girls] There are many people who can sing but, of course, they must fit in with you. But we will hope for the best. Are you nervous? Okay, here is a girl... It's hard to tell.

Anders- Laila's strong point is her stubborness. She will not give up. She fights until she collapses. She's good at holding up several wild souls. It's not easy to work with me and Andreas. We're both a little ADHD. When I was little they have to keep me in a sling. Everywhere, everything I saw was exciting.

Anaïs- Not good at all.

Laila- Her then?

Anaïs- No...

Fanny- Umm, a little too much troubadour. The guitar and everything.

Anaïs- She has manly armpits.

Fanny- She was very very hard rock.

Anaïs- I will never find anybody. She has no hair.

Laila- There, she can have it.

Anaïs- I think the third member should have hair.

Laila- They won't find anybody that is exactly what they want. They may grow together over time. You can check out if she sings well and looks okay. Then run it. [To girls] Here's Evelina. this song is in the right, still.

Fanny- She has potential.

Anaïs- She's very nice.

Fanny- Is she good looking?

Anaïs- She may not be for too long.

Laila- Do you have a complex?

Anaïs- I had to stand on a telephone book!

Laila- Is there something wrong with telephone books? [To camera] It didn't look good for awhile. I thought they would like someone. But after some time that thought left. We found five or six good options. [After being introduced to Evelina] Glad you could meet us. We think you sing greatly.

Evenlina- Thank you.

Anaïs- Have you performed a lot? Do you like to be on stage?

Evelina- I love to be on stage. [To camera] I see this as an incredible opportunity. I have fought for this for so long. You get more excited everyday. It would be wonderful to be with the group.

Laila- What a great song! We need to look at some more today. Be we will definitely know soon.

Evelina- Thank you for visiting.

Laila- [With the blonde girl] We called her through her profile. She looked like a sweet girl, but it's not there.

Brunette girl- I'm a dancer in my mind, but have never taken dance lessons.

Laila [to girl in studio]- Are you a little nervous? It's understandable. You're adorable, cute, and sing well, but we have four weeks to make an album.

Andreas- After these visits, I feel that your levels are too low. These girls are not good enough. Should be go abroad, there must be someone more interesting. As a producer, I can't start. The person who comes in to lift you. The person who will life you up here, give you what you need now.

Laila- Those who've come have no experience. They're not quite ready. Will we be able to pass the test to be ready in four weeks?

Anaïs- We must feel for her. She must have enough experience. She must be able to dance, have stage experience, and have a lot of what we've gone through. We need to meet many more before we can decide for ourselves. So far we haven't found "the one".

Andreas- Is there a cause for concern?

Laila- I think so. Now we have just three weeks and two days on us.

Anaïs- What do we do if we don't find anybody at the end of next week?

Laila- Then the three of us will do it.

Anaïs- That's what I want!

Laila- You are sick in the head, Anaïs.

[Commercial Preview]
Andreas- The girls will now try pole fitness.

Anaïs- It was much harder than I could have imagined.

[Commerical break]

Laila- I have no idea what to do here.

Anaïs- They were just like "Bring leggings or hotpants"

Laila- It's frightening that Andreas booked this.

Andreas- Good morning, ladies. Welcome. [To camera] We are at Stockholm Pole. The girls will now try pole fitness. They are a bit shy. This can get them out of their shells. They can get a bit tougher. This is the ultimate test.

Fitness Instructor- Land on the left hip. Entirely correct. With a little momentum it becomes easier. Entirely correct. Very good. Both feet should point out to the side.

Laila- I was skeptical when I came here and saw poles but it's a really good workout. I have such feeble arms and no strength. But it's really hard and really fun.

Anaïs- We would never dance around a pole on stage. This is to learn to control our bodies.

Laila- Never say never!

Anaïs- Oh Laila, would we have that on stage?

Laila- Didn't Britney [Spears] do that?

Anaïs- Well, when she sang "Slave 4 You"

Laila- You might get a track like that.

Anaïs- It was much harder than I could have imagined. I'm winded and red and my muscles ache. They will probably ache with how much power is required.

Laila- Hey, you didn't see us but we saw you. Welcome to the Studio Bagge.

Andreas- When presenting a song for an artist to sing they need to see the type of track it is and the feel of it.

Laila [While Sanne sings]- Fuck! [To camera] We were trying a song in the studio to find a new song for Play when Sanne came here to sing a demo. Both me and Andreas had the same idea. [To Andreas and the other producer] Maybe she should meet with the girls.

Producer- Good idea.

Laila- Sanne? You sing so well, Sanne.

Sanne- Thanks.

Laila- Great.

Producer- This is totally crazy. Feels like you got a car wash for your ears.

Andreas- Call the girls now. Can't they come now?

Laila- I'll call the girls.

Andreas- I think that Sanne would fit very well in the band.

Laila- How would it feel to be with a group?

Sanne- Exciting.

Laila- We are frantically looking for a replacement.

Fanny- What fun it will be!

Anaïs- Really exciting! If they like her so much we should do it too.

Laila- Babes! Welcome!

Sanne- Hey Fanny!

Laila- Do you know each other? I didn't know that!

Fanny- We went to the same high school! On Rytmus.

Laila- How have I not been told that?

Fanny- When I saw that it was Sanne I thought it was, I was pleasantly surprised. It was so nice that it was her. I know how talented she is. She was a few grades above me so I've always looked up to her.

Laila- Could you try the song you usually sing? It's okay if you can't remember the words. [To camera] I think it was clear as a bell that Samme should be a member. It felt like the chemistry was right. I think she is right for Play. [To girls] Shall we talk a bit about this? Then we will contact you, and you'll be able to think about it too. Does it feel good?

Fanny- Fantastic.

Sanne- Absolutely wonderful.

Anaïs- Are you Norwegian?

Sanne- No [To camera] I think we feel and think alike. We'll see if anything happens. I think we clicked.

Anders- Go to hell! I got feeling!

Fanny- How are you?

Anders- I have energy. I do not have any more swine flu. I have a cough. That is why I stand like this. I cough up large clumps. By standards.

Laila- Don't follow me!

Anders- I cough up snot. Can you see what color they are?

Laila- Ander's swine flu has affected Made in Sweden enormously. We are enormously behind. I'm really worried that we won't be able to do it here. I hope he's right when he says that I must be calm. I'm not a bit quiet. While you've been in quarantine, we have thought about songs. A few things came up that the girls dug. "Girls" for example..

Anders- The old classic? It must be well on.

Laila- God yes. But is it a good thing?

Andreas- Then we have the second one we did. "Off Key". The songs would be fun with a band.

Anders- Yes, it's a little bit punk. Just run it.

Laila- It is not easy to understand how good Anders is at writing songs and producing when you see him in tracksuit. When he's creative it's a magical atmosphere. [During the song] This is, like, the single!

Anders- How quickly did we write it?

Andreas- In one second. In a folder names "Poop Sausage". Is that not childish for a 41 year old? [To Camera] I have so much to learn from Anders. He makes a lot of sense. He can find inspiration in the morning. He sits at the piano and stuff happens. He is an incredibly talented musician.

Laila- Anders will come into the studio to release everything. He came in with a fantastic energy. It's good to have him back.

[Preview for the next episode]
Andreas- We must decide who will become the third member.

Radio host- You are beautiful, pleasant, and charming. I was heterosexual for awhile.

Anders- Glad you found us!

Fanny- Now we are at last three!

Anaïs- I don't know it I have time to get in shape. [To Fanny] Are you sure this is okay?

Fanny- No, I'm not convinced of anything.